Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Favorite Poems

One of my fellow students and Facebook friends made the mistake of asking people to list their favorite poem.  These are my favorites in the order they have occurred to me:

  • Stanislaw Lem - love poem in the language of tensor algebra, from The Cyberiad (post-college)
  • Shakespeare - Sonnet 116 (I associate this poem with Mrs Debetencourt's class in junior high, although I'm quite certain it was not in the assigned reading; later memorized it for a friend's wedding and have never forgotten it)
  • Robert Frost - "Once by the Pacific" (this, too, I memorized for fun in junior high; have recited it for a drama class and for my nieces)
  • WB Yeats - Stanza VIII of "Among School Children" (Stanza VIII seized my imagination in law school, for perhaps obvious reasons)
  • Langston Hughes - "Drum" (also loved and memorized it in junior high)
  • Agnes Maxwell-Hall - "Jamaica Market" (loved the sound of it since elementary school). 

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