Monday, April 23, 2018

Special Effects

I'd never seen this bird before -- a lovely deep, dusky indigo songbird. (I've done my best to normalize the colors before posting, but unfortunately, I shot it in "vivid" mode so the colors are inaccurate.)

Eastern Grosbeak

Here I tried to capture the luminescence of moon behind clouds, an effect I seem to recall seeing in some Asian pottery:

moon in clouds

The frog was very patient for its close-up, but was curiously difficult to capture in the available light:

frog at night

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Postcards from Paradise


strutting down the branch

heron, stalking


gator in log pose


gator in C-pose


We'd never seen an anhinga nesting before; the blue around the eyes is very striking.  I assume it's special breeding plumage.
female anhinga, nesting

gator tracks

We saw a water snake among the mangrove roots; first swimming, then making its way on the mud in a curiously tentative approach.


orbital spider

reddish egret




great blue heron
Last night, we saw a civilian boat surrounded by fire and police boats.  It was a little hard to tell in the gloaming, but the roof looked a bit scorched to me. It was still there this morning, so I went gawking.

A Wreck, But Not of the Hesperus


at least it's pelicans overhead, rather than vultures...

starfish and shadow