Thursday, September 01, 2011

Day 1: London to Cardiff

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I flew into London and took the express bus to Paddington, then hopped on a train to Cardiff. I didn't reserve a seat, but it still worked out fine - not exactly SRO.  I had  a pair of seats to myself, many books to read on my iPad, and a cute (and well-behaved) dog in front of me.  Unfortunately, the dog had another destination and did not join our walking tour.

I'd hoped to hear some Welsh spoken while I was in Wales.  This is partly due to my affection for Lloyd Alexander's Taran Wanderer series, which has many Welsh-inflected names. The bilingual signs in Cardiff rail station initially gave me some hope:

But unfortunately I did not hear the famous lilting sounds during my visit.  Perhaps because we stuck to tourist-heavy areas.

My friend Sarah showed me around Cardiff.  She's been there just over a year, so she's an expert now as far as I'm concerned.  We walked around Roath Park, where we saw a lawn dotted with these unusual small flowers:

The lake (known imaginatively as "Roath Park Lake") is quite scenic, offering views of the distant hills, though it is a bit infested with seagulls (not shown here) for my taste.

Sarah's place is a very clean and comfortable bi-level flat (ensuring a welcome degree of privacy for host and guest) but not so large that you need a GPS to find your way about.

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