Wednesday, November 26, 2014


After the Storm

Last night, we were treated to an amazing storm.  The clouds lingered directly overhead for hours, drenching us with loud intense rain, punctuated both by lightning and by thunderclaps that shook the house.   I was in a semi-detached cottage with three skylights, which made for a spectacular show.   

I should have gotten up and gone into the main house to see if I could capture some pictures of lightning over the beach, but all I did (besides listening to the rain or the Dresden Files) was make sure the rain wasn't coming in through the open windows.  It wasn't, so all was well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Petals on the Path

Tricolor heron

Female anhinga


Juvenile ibis with egret



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Solo III: Garrison - Undercliff - Washburn

I passed up on the opportunity to hike with a group that was going to Garrison, a town that is not particularly friendly to hikers.  Which was good, because I just missed the train as well - literally, as I approached the platform, the train pulled away.  It was my fault, as I mistakenly thought I could accomplish some things in the station in about 11-14 minutes, when I only had 15 minutes to spare before the train left.  Sigh.

The second irony is that I wasn't paying attention to the stops, and jumped out to make sure I didn't miss Cold Spring.  And it was Garrison.  So I walked Garrison to Cold Spring, then did a very small hike.