Sunday, October 21, 2018

Draken Harald Hårfagre

After some delays on the high seas due to high waves, the Draken came in to NYC on October 19.  Tipped off by Tom, I went down for a late lunch to check it out.

Not the Draken: Lady Liberty, a masted ship, and a helicopter

I wasn't entirely sure what to look for, but I thought this reddish square thing in the distance was probably not a storage silo. Especially as it seemed (albeit quite slowly) to be moving.

It was fun to watch it draw nearer and pass in front of the Statue of Liberty.

close-up of the red sail

Then on Sunday, we had tickets to go on board for a short tour (it's not a very large boat).

A crew of approx. 30 runs everything, far fewer than in Viking times.  There is no below-deck, but they have a tent set up for folks to sleep in bunk beds.  (Apparently in shifts, since they always have a certain number on duty.)
dragon-head prow from inside the boat
the planks overlap for flexibility; they're riveted with oil-soaked fabric between them for watertightness
Huginn or Muninn ... or possibly Roäc?
Apparently, they get additional carvings as they go; they let some artisans leave their mark.  Odin's footprint (a simple outline of a tall man's foot) may be new, for example.

The lines of the boat are quite lovely.

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